Would you give up food for 5 days if it could improve your health? There are numerous benefits to fasting, but water or juice fasts are extremely difficult to stick to — not to mention they can be dangerous if not done correctly. Fortunately, other methods of fasting offer the same benefits without requiring you to completely give up food. I’ve previously written that I’m a big proponent of the Clean 21-day cleansing diet. Now there’s a newer fasting diet that’s garnering a lot of attention: the ProLon fasting mimicking diet. I recently had the opportunity to try it. Following are some common questions about ProLon and an overview of my experience with it.

What is a fasting mimicking diet?

A fasting mimicking diet basically mimics the effects of fasting, while allowing you to still eat. In the case of ProLon, the diet lasts for 5 days, and everything you need for the 5-day period is provided in the kit. This makes it super easy because you don’t have to worry about buying any special foods for the fasting period.

ProLon fasting mimicking diet kit

What foods are included in the ProLon diet?

The ProLon kit includes the following:

  • Nut bars
  • Olives
  • Kale crackers
  • Powdered soups (5 flavors)
  • Chocolate crisp bars
  • Tea (3 flavors)
  • Beverage concentrate (2 flavors)
  • Supplements

How many calories does the ProLon diet consist of?

The ProLon diet is roughly 1,1000 calories the first day and 800 calories the following 4 days.

What are the benefits of the fasting mimicking diet?

Clinical studies of ProLon have shown that it helps reduce or improve numerous markers associated with age-related disease. Benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Fat-based weight loss
  • Lower levels of c-reactive protein (a marker associated with inflammation)
  • Improved blood glucose control
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Removal of damaged cells and tissue

What is the fasting mimicking diet like?

I found the ProLon diet pretty easy to adhere to. The fact that each day came packaged in a little box made things really simple — there’s no guesswork about what you can or can’t eat. It was nice that most days included an afternoon snack, which gives you something to look forward to. I also appreciated that there were several different flavors of soup, which kept it from getting too repetitive.

If I have any criticism about the foods that were included, it’s that two of the days lacked an afternoon snack. The makers of ProLon state that the foods for each day are carefully chosen to provide the most benefits, but it seems as if allowing us to eat a few olives every afternoon would be beneficial. It’s amazing how much it helped psychologically to have a little packet of olives to look forward to (and I didn’t even like olives before I did ProLon)!

As a side note, I was already on a low-carb ketogenic diet when I started ProLon. (You can learn more about ketogenic diets on my other blog, Low Carb Soul.) Because ketogenic diets are restricted to roughly 50 grams of carbohydrates daily, I modified the ProLon diet in some cases to keep the carbs low. But unless you’re already on a ketogenic diet, the ProLon diet is probably way lower in carbs than you’re used to eating.


ProLon day 1

Breakfast is a nut bar, which is pretty good. Like, I would buy these if they sold them separately. It’s hard to find a meal replacement bar that is low-carb and not full of crap, but at 10g net carbs, these would totally work even on my keto diet. They’re a bit crumbly, but that’s just because they don’t contain the usual nasty fillers to hold them together, so I can deal with that. Obviously if you’re allergic to nuts, you’ll want to skip these; continue reading for a smoothie recipe you could use instead.

I’m feeling really tired and wishing I could have some coffee. (I find out later that one cup of coffee per day is allowed if you feel like you need it. My fault for not reading the instructions carefully enough. Oops.)

Feeling mildly hungry mid-morning, but I push through and eat lunch a little earlier than usual. Lunch is tomato soup with kale crackers and olives. Honestly I would rather make a big kale salad since we have 5 huge bags of kale in our fridge from our friend’s garden, but I want to play by the rules. The soup and crackers are tasty, and I even eat the olives. Feeling adequately satiated.

2:15pm: I find out one cup of coffee is allowed and make myself some coffee immediately. I add some coconut oil because it’s a healthy fat, which will help keep me feeling full.

Because I had my fatty coffee, I’m actually not hungry in the afternoon so I skip my afternoon snack, which is another nut bar.

Dinner is a fairly tasty minestrone soup and a “Choco Crisp” bar made with almond butter, brown rice, and chocolate chips. It’s tiny, but it’s nice to have a little something for dessert.


ProLon day 1

ProLon day 2

Today I decide to save myself some carbs and skip the nut bar for breakfast. I make myself a ketogenic green smoothie instead. Again, this is because I’m already on a low-carb diet and I know I can make a low-carb, high-fat smoothie with fewer net carbs than the bar. The smoothie would be a good alternative for you if you can’t eat nuts. (If you’re wondering why I’m advocating a high-fat breakfast, you can learn more about that here.) I also have coffee this morning with coconut oil.

Today I get an orange-flavored concentrated beverage. This is to replenish electrolytes that are often depleted during a fast. The flavor is nice and mild. You also have the option of adding some hibiscus tea bags if you want to enhance the flavor.

Lunch is a mushroom soup with some olives. Feeling satiated. Started feeling hungry in the afternoon but I get more olives so that’s nice. I also get an afternoon tea (this is true of every day) — you have a choice between spearmint or spearmint lemon.

I’m not really looking forward to having soup again for dinner. Also I’m writing a blog about keto foods and really wishing I could have some eggs and bacon right now. By dinner time I’m pretty hungry, and tonight’s quinoa soup is really good. It’s nice that the quinoa gave it more substance. I get another Choco Crisp bar as well. I’m feeling good after dinner.

ProLon spearmint tea


ProLon day 3

I make a smoothie again for breakfast. Today I have to modify things a bit as I am going to a noon movie and won’t have time to eat my soup for lunch. I take the nut bar to the movie with me since I didn’t eat it for breakfast. I also take a baggie full of organic blueberries so I’ll have something to snack on while everyone else is eating popcorn. I’m pretty hungry by the time I get home, and I’m excited to realize I have some kale crackers I can eat. Today I feel fine about having the soup for dinner (minestrone today), and I feel full afterwards. No dessert bar today.

ProLon day 4

I’m feeling good today, like I’ve gotten past the hard part. Not feeling super hungry. I’m excited to see that I have a new soup today (vegetable blend), and that I also get an afternoon snack. Again I make my smoothie for breakfast.

I’m trying to remember to drink all my teas but I keep forgetting. I do drink my electrolyte beverage though. My afternoon snack is olives, which I’m starting to appreciate more (and they’re super good for you.)

I’m feeling pretty hungry by dinnertime, and I’m glad to see I get the quinoa soup again. This one was probably my favorite out of all of them. I also get a dessert bar.

ProLon tea


ProLon day 5

Last day! I get up and go to an early yoga class. I’m feeling pretty lightheaded and have to take a few breaks, but I could just be a little dehydrated.

I’m really glad this is the last day. I’m really ready to eat solid food again. I’m starving after my yoga class and really wishing I could make some eggs, but I make a smoothie instead.

Lunch is tomato soup and kale crackers again. No olives today.

Dinner is minestrone soup again. I don’t eat it. My husband is making salmon with vegetables, and I opt to break my fast early because the salmon + veggies is way lower in carbs. #noragrets.


ProLon soup

Key takeaways

Doing any kind of fasting diet really makes you think about what you’re eating and why. We typically reach for food the second we’re hungry, but it’s okay to feel hungry. Eating all the time isn’t good for us. We need to let our digestive systems rest sometimes so that our bodies can devote energy to other things — like healing, reducing inflammation, and getting rid of the junk we put in our bodies that doesn’t serve us.

It also made me think a lot about the other reasons I tend to reach for food, like boredom or stress. Most of the challenge for me wasn’t physical, it was mental. I just wanted food.

I feel like I could do a DIY version of this with smoothies and vegetable soups, and it would be just as healthy. But, I’ve done this sort of thing before. If you’re not used to fasting, it might feel overwhelming to try to make your own foods. And it would be easier to cheat. That’s an added incentive to using the kit: once you start, you can’t just stop and start over. I wouldn’t want to waste the money spent on the kit by cheating (although I got mine for free thanks to Vivaliti DNA).

Check out my ProLon unboxing video below to get a closer look at everything in the kit.

Want to try ProLon yourself? Order now from Vivaliti DNA!



Note: This post represents my personal experience with the ProLon fasting mimicking diet. It is not a recommendation or endorsement of ProLon. If you are considering using ProLon, or doing any other type of cleansing diet, always do your own research and make sure you understand what to expect, including any potential risks. As a nutritionist following a very specific diet, I took some liberties with my meals during my fasting mimicking diet, but I do not recommend deviating from the ProLon protocol for the general public.

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