About me


Writer and coach

Karen Eisenbraun is a writer, certified holistic nutrition consultant, and health coach with a background in marketing strategy and content development. Much of her career has been spent providing inbound marketing services to clients in the health & wellness industry. She is passionate about helping others take control of their health, set and crush goals, and live an authentic life.

Background and education

After graduating from college with a degree in Creative Writing and French, Karen spent 15 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa, where she helped initiate a community garden and a recycling project.

She became interested in personal development when she began working in marketing for a business skills training organization, where she was first introduced to the work of pioneers in the self improvement industry such as Brian Tracy and Dale Carnegie.

She went on to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, combining her interest in health and wellness with her background in marketing and writing to provide content strategy and development for clients in the weight-loss and wellness industries.

A voracious reader, she continues to devour books by leaders in spirituality and personal growth, including Martha Beck, Wayne Dyer, Brené Brown, Viktor Frankl, Miguel Ruiz, and Gabby Bernstein. Her favorite authors also include Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed.

Karen currently offers coaching services focused on health optimization and goal setting, as well as small business website design and marketing services.